Our Services

Commercial Cleaning (office space)

Dust Cobwebs

Dust Blinds

Dust Ceiling Fan Blades (Within Reach)

Remove Smudges from Doors and Light Switches

Clean Mirrors (Within Reach)

Dust Windows Sills

Clean and Disinfect Telephones, Office Machines, Chairs, Desks, Tables

Filing Cabinets, and Other Furniture (Desk Cleaning)

Vacuum Carpets

Vacuum and Mop Floors

Dust Baseboards

Empty Trash (Janitorial Services)

Hallways & Public Areas

Clean Glass Entrance

Clean And Disinfect Drinking Fountains

Clean And Disinfect Reception Area

Vacuum Air Grills

Dust Baseboards

Dust, Vacuum, and Mop Stairs Landings and Handrails

Vacuum Carpets

Vacuum and Mop Floors

Empty Trash (Janitorial Services)

Construction Sites

Every post construction commercial building needs a custom cleaning plan.

We would be glad to book a meeting to visit with you and discuss your particular needs.

In a proposal, we would include a checklist that lists all of our services that suit your operations.

Any Special Requests?

For any inquiries or quotes, please contact us at 678-990-0047